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How to Play the Small Blind in Texas Hold’em Poker

27 Oct 2021

The small blind is one of the most frustrating hands in many ufabet poker games because it is so hard to play and your opponents so easy to read. In much of the world this is a near-sure win against most players, but in the U.S. the odds are often not in your favour. In this article I will teach you how to play the small blind in Texas Hold’em poker.

When you are involved in a poker hand, it is important to see as many flops as possible. Understanding your position is very important here. With only a dealer card to see the flop, your position is determined by where the button is and, by consequence, your position is limited. If you are seated in the small blind (the last to act being the button) you only have the advantage of seeing the cards at your seat.

Selective play is a method for playing hands in which you are favourable to win. Selective play is used by professional poker players. Stu Unger, three-time World Series of Poker champion, says that the best method to win big pots is to play less hands, and to do so selectively.

In the small blind you have a clear advantage over the other players. Once you have bet, called or raised the big blind, you are in the perfect position to wait for any improvement on the flop, to continue to press the advantage or fold the hand.

If you are playing from the button, you have the advantage of seeing what the other players do first. This gives you the opportunity to bet first on a semi-bluff, a wasted opportunity in many poker games.

The button is the best position to be in at the poker table because it assures you of seeing the flop to play yes on a semi-bluff (although you always hope someone will raise, that way you can make a save for a pot that you may be losing).

The small blind gives you the opportunity to play a few more cards, but it also means you must act before other players after the blinds. This is the greatest trap to play from the button. pressures you to play a little more carefully than you normally would. It is also probably the worst.

So, after you have seen the flop in the small blind, start to newsletter the same warning signs:

Remember, the blinds are there to slow the game down, not make it fast. Take this into consideration, and decide if you wish to see the flop or not, when you have position.

If you accompany a raise with a second bet in the small blind, this is a tell to play only the strongest hands. Why? Because the blinds just raised (and the button called), so there is a high percentage that you are up against stronger hands.

If you call the blind and the flop is not so strong, and a bet is made in the small blind by the dealer, do not make the mistake of thinking the hand is still yours. This often happens if you have raised the flop, because you are trying to take the lead out of the hands of the other players by seeing the flop, so if you are called in the small blind by the dealer, that bet is probably a bluff to try and take the pot from the button, not really the strength of your hand.

Then, on the first street in Texas hold’em you want to have a strong hand. Again, if the raiser in the small blind makes a bet, it is probably that he has a strong hand. Again, if you have a good hand, back off. Do not get caught in a bluff situation.

If you have a high pair, play aggressively. Raise, and raise some more, until you have a good number of players in the pot. Then, you can pick your times to get aggressive. Wait for a good hand. Sometimes you will win the pot without seeing the flop.

However, when you do make your hand, you want to win the pot. So, you want to get as large a pot as possible. Make everyone think that you could very well have a high pair. Calling in the small blind while bluffing occasionally will do. However, when you do hit the flop, get out of there without losing face.

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